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June 04, 2008


Patrick Gauer

Come to think of it, the car industry is planning to create a futuristic Flintstone car that weighs only 600 lbs. Search for it, if you guys have some time. It's pretty fantastic. What I saw was the blue one, and it looked robotic.


Please don't post this, cause I'm venturing off the point of the post, but could you make sure I get an invite to Kelly's shower??


I was going to say the same thing about the driveway. We had him in it on the driveway and he went like crazy in it and kept trying to go down the street in it.

michelle s

Okay, I think Autie Jen will have to splurge and buy him a battery powered JD gator for Christmas. JK

Seriously those cars are great, both my kids love it. Work much better/easier in the driveway though. Flinstone car is a great analogy.


Cool!, the Little Tykes car. Alex and Trey had one! They both had fun in it, six years apart! It'll be good for his leg muscles!!

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